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Join the Android ALPHA!

The Android Mobile ALPHA version is READY FOR TESTING on phone and tablet!! (iOS coming SOON)

The mobile version is free-to-play, with alacarte in-app purchases to unlock the full features of the desktop version.

The game is very stable and very playable (on all of my test devices and emulators) but runs slowly on 32 bit architecture (you will probably want to turn "frame skipping" on).

Email me ( or DM me your Google Play email address if you want to try it out!

Update 1.02 is now LIVE!

New in version 1.02.00

  • New beverage: Liquidium!
  • A camera is now required to export creatures
  • Creatures now must be exported from photos
  • New achievement: Zombiton Summoner
  • Override your movement keys
  • There's a new "frame skipping" setting
  • Some new animations, bug fixes and optimizations.
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Vilmonic Soundtrack is out!

Experience the strange sounds of the synthorganic post-vilmoniclysmic far future in the relative safety and comfort of your own home. All 23 tracks brought to you by the world-class masterful virtuoso experimental band Wizardmaster in hi-fidelity MP3 and lossless FLAC formats.

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Vilmonic 1.0 is LIVE!!

Thanks so much to everyone for helping to support the development of this game! Many great features are still in the works, so stay tuned...


I have this game on steam

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Join the Vilmonic server on Discord! 

Share your creatures and islands and even your GMO experiments. Right now you can download a marshland map and a simple carnivore. I'll be putting more stuff up regularly!


Vilmonic 0.30.51 

EXPORT and IMPORT creatures! SHARE Creature Cards and experiment with other people's life forms. 

Open a Creature Card in a photo editor and try out some GENETIC ENGINEERING. 

Save Creature Cards to your file system and then drag them into Vilmonic!

Anyone wondering what these are all about?

What is going on with these weird creature cards and all that digital noise at the bottom?

Hint: Version 0.30.50 is now LIVE!

This game looks great!

<3 Thank you!

Awesome game, does the purchase come with a steam key?

I don't think I can, being that Vilmonic is also on sale on Steam for 10% off.

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Congrats! Your the Most popular Artificial Intelligence game on! hope you can hold that title for a while



Thx 1000% bestttt❣ AND now I Knowwww That! Reeeady tooo go ilikeee meeee agaaain fassst !!! 

wanna do a bundle?

Update: Version 0.27.00 is here!

I kept adding new items to this release, but had to force myself to stop and roll some of them out for the next update. I made changes to the nutrient-use system, which required SO MUCH balance testing, basically me running loads of simulations (i.e. games) and checking statistics to make sure I didn't mess anything up. Still no DNA tweaking in this update, I just can't figure out how I want to implement it in a way that doesn't feel like a cheat - but soon!

So what's new?

* New dungeon walls and floors! They're now the zombs favorite structures.
* Toxic waste is now a crafting material.
* Added tables and chairs.
* Added more avatar body parts.
* You can now analyze zombs (beta).
* More stuff to craft, like the Fungiburger! Plop one on the ground and your anims will eat it up. Or feed one directly to your anims if their health is low. Or eat one yourself if your health is low. Or eat one if you just want a snack.
* Other stuff...

Status: Finishing up version 0.27.00

A quick post to let you know that I'm finishing up the next update which will include a new crafting material (hint: it's toxic) and some new craftables (for the home and office and home office) and new body parts! Also, have you ever wondered what's going on inside the mind of those zombs? This update will begin to shed some light (just a bit, for now).

What I'm working on right now!

  • DNA manipulation. Extract DNA from anims, modify it, and inject it back in somehow...!
  • New beverages, one that makes you super strong, another that attracts anims. Maybe a third that makes anims fertile (kind of forces reproduction).
  • More walls and floors and tables and chairs and...
  • Possible neural-networks for evolvable "brains".

Update: Version 0.26.00

Phew, finally! Version 0.26.00 is out.

Try out the new Camera! Build one, or if you are lucky, dig one up. Document your world and all of its changes. Then export and share your photos.

There's a new beverage: Revolt™ soda. Drink some if you are (hint) antisocial.

This version contains a lot of behind-the-scenes changes to anim and especially fungol biology.

WARNING: This will cause a bunch of your fungs to die off! Don't worry though, the species that survive will grow back pretty quickly. Consider this the First Great Extinction event in Vilmonic.

These changes were necessary so that in future updates I can start adding features that allow players to view and modify the internal biology of creatures in the world. This will make possible features like an x-ray machine, syringes for extracting DNA, gene splicing, etc.

The Vilmonic simulator now has much more complex model of nutrients and hydration.

One example of this is that creatures now return their nutrients to the soil as fertilizer when they die. So if you have some fungols that need more nutrients, try planting them where something has died (including zombs). Currently fertilizer in a location is used up in the first stage of fungol growth, so it only really helps germination.

As always, let me know what you think of these changes.


- Markus

Really neat little game! I wasn't quite sure how to build walls, but do plan on doing more tinkering with it!

Love this game, I just bought it after I did a review of the demo! You can find it here:

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YES! I love the review. It's so much fun (and informative) to see someone else play the game. Thanks for supporting this project!

I tweeted about it here:

- Markus

I'll make sure they get their water XD