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I want to like this, but I'm not sure it's for me. Everything seems to move too fast. Maybe I just like to have more control in a game than this provides. I will say that I think the fence gate seems expensive. Surely you want to be able to fence off your different species, and having to destroy a wall to get into the enclosure? Maybe I'm just playing it wrong... 

It's true, the gate recipe does seem too expensive! I'll update that soon. The next updates will make the game harder, as well as add some insight into the artificial biology of the world. One of the core ideas behind Vilmonic, and what's different from many sims, is that you can only manipulate the world from within the world. 

it's good

Hello! I like Vilmonic and would like to make a bundle with you.

WarMage is my game:

Hey! WarMage looks cool. I have no idea how bundles work here, but I might be into it (I'm deeeep into an update right now) Feel free to email me: m at bludgeonsoft dot org - Markus

Update: Version 0.27.00 is here!

* New dungeon walls and floors! They're now the zombs favorite structures.
* Toxic waste is now a crafting material.
* Added tables and chairs.
* Added more avatar body parts.
* You can now analyze zombs (beta).
* More stuff to craft, like the Fungiburger! Plop one on the ground and your anims will eat it up. Or feed one directly to your anims if their health is low. Or eat one yourself if your health is low. Or eat one if you just want a snack.
* Other stuff...

what does the yellow and the green mushrooms mean on the crafting book on the gate i cant make it without those! tell me what those mean? radioactive sunlight or hot deserty? tell me pls.

You need to put fungs that closely match those colors into those slots. So a gate can only be made with a GREEN fung, a YELLOW fung, and two fiberoyd boards (fences). If you can't find any fungs that match those colors, you will have to wait until some evolve, or try breeding some!

how do i breed plants? i didnt know i could do that!

All of the life forms in Vilmonic reproduce asexually, so to create different breeds you will need to propagate those that have the traits you are looking for. To breed yellow fungs you will have to pick the yellowest of your green fungs and plant them around, continually picking and planting the yellowest of each generation until you finally have yellow fungs. This is essentially artificial selection. You can use a similar technique to generate any color fung. Their colors migrate based on the colors of the rainbow, so red becomes orange becomes yellow - green - blue - purple (indigo) - and back to red.

Great game. If you allow for embedding in other sites, id love to add it to my site ozogames dot com thank you

Sure, send me an email!

New version 0.27.00: Added new junk and treasure (Chairs! Tables!), more body parts to choose from, and now gates are available to craft in the Lite version!

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Ideas? Suggestions? Post them here! (reply to this comment)

Make your Own website for This game! ( makes it easier for people to find your game :D

hope this helps! and if you make the website... you will start seeing peopl play it, and youtubers playing it, if not so xD

i get too over excited...


also maybe make it where you can save your character that you make?

it would really help... cause i keep having to change mine ._.

LOL, May the game Go Well!!!!!

Saving your character is coming soon(!), and I used to have Vilmonic playable from, maybe I'll put it up there again...


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make a better trailer, it goes something like this...

the dash (-) indicates that it is another script option for the trailer.

the [square brackets] indicate that there will be a big text that covers up the screen in that script.

the {curly brackets} are small text under the big text

or if you want to, you dont have to use the text at all! xD

the _underscores_ mean to play a clip in that script (i will be sending you clips that i'll record soon! once i get the full version...)

the /slash/ means to show the text at that line of script.


voice: (wecome to) _Vil/monic! [VILMONIC] <- or you can just show a clip of u standing there in the big bright world zooming out slowly, no text at all... dunno xD

voice: cre/ate your _character! [CREATE {YOUR CHARACTER}]

voice: start/ from the _box! (or) start/ your _species! [START {YOUR SPECIES}]

voice: feed /your creatures with _nutritional (plants - fungi) [FEED]

voice: (protect/ your creatures from - avoid/ from) infected_ (humanoids - humans - robots - zombies - people)!


voice: build/ creature pens and_ (fungi) farms! [BUILD]

voice: (build/ - create/ - start/) a_ civilization! [(CREATE - BUILD - START) (A) CIVILIZATION ] <--- do you understand this one?

voice: (create/ - build/) (a - the) dominant_ species! [(CREATE - BUILD) (A - THE) DOMINANT SPECIES] <-- not sure about this one :|

voice: Vilmonic! get it on steam today! [VILMONIC] {Get It On Steam Today!} under the small text> {$9.99}

phew it might be complicated but its accurate! hope you understand all of it!

WHOA! This is awesome. I really do need a better trailer. Coming soon...

glad you like it! im gonna make a example vid of it soon. :)


finnaly someone who actually made a evolution/species development game, ive been searching for SO LONG!!!!



Oh yeaaah! I hope you enjoy it!

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oh i will!!!

hey maybe you can have a machine that changes there genetics? you put the creature in it and change there genetics using points!

you get those points by, destroying there eggs you get 2 points, the eggs never came out yet, but you need to risk some lives to geneticly change the creature...

maybe install a leash

just mushrooms all across!

hope this helps!

btw i gave the idea to add armor :3

OOOH! maybe add a plant species log? you know you have the creature species log, why not add one for plants? just incase you get bored waiting for your creature species to evolve in the lite version -_-


Species history for fungs is definitely coming! As well as genetic engineering, and leashes are planned too :-)

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thanks man!

hey maybe i can be an idea.... planner? maybe? idk

ask me if you want any ideas of what should be in the game :3

Note: i talk too much (AKA a chatter box) :|

What I'm working on right now!

* Eggs and DNA manipulation. Extract DNA from anims, modify it, and inject it into an egg...!
* New beverages, one that makes you super strong, another that attracts anims. Maybe a third that makes anims fertile (kind of forces reproduction).
* More walls and floors and tables and chairs and...
* Possible neural-networks for evolvable "brains".

neural networks is what every evolution game needs! maybe the creature start from gen one neural! learning new food conversatio tactics and can even evolve size and new species with different tactics like nests and ambush! is going to be rlly helpful!

this is unbelievably fun


YES! I'm so glad you think so.