Updated to Version 0.29!

This update includes an extensive reworking of the genetics-to-morphology-to-physiology algorithms in the game. This will impact how your anims' bodies are grown.

Anims now have attraction-repulsion brains, leading to simpler yet more interesting behaviors. Behaviors are emergent based on the relationships of internal and external senses. Insight into this can be found in the Analyzer. 

Also new in the Analyzer, clicking on the image will switch between normal view and "bones" (or branches) view. This allows you to see the previously hidden bone/branch shapes that are used to determine the morphology of each life form.

Balancing your ecosystem will be a lot harder, and anims will require more assistance early in the game. At least until your ecosystem is somewhat balanced.

Anims now lay eggs, and new progenitors are shipped to you if all of your anims die. 

Plus, you can now craft with Liquidium!


vilmonic_0.29.02D.zip 8 MB
Apr 16, 2018

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